About Us

This is the story of Beatrice Ponce.

Beatrice Ponce is a French-Venezuelan who established herself in Miami, Florida 20 years ago making it her home and place to raise her children. She went thru Designing school in Caracas-Venezuela .  She grew up in an international environment , moving and traveling in different countries with her parents as a child. This experience exposed her to different customs, arts and traditions, which helps understand her continuous changes and inspirations. She started the girls' line as a hobby.  Soon after  her daughter began to wear her pieces many of her friends order them, and as the mothers found out more orders came, soon her friends introduced her with owners of boutiques, friends and  the word of mouth took her creations to NYC, Pto. Rico, Spain, Rep. Dominican, Mexico and many other places she never imagined.

Soon enough mother’s demanded a line for themselves, allegedly feeling left out, so the women’s line came along. Her creations have been a success since day one, all her pieces get sold out. So after being in the market for 14 years as a word of mouth and boutiques based business, she launches herself in the internet world giving a lot more women the chance to acquire her pieces.

For any questions call 305-9851752 or email bcp@beatriceponce.com