Frequently Asked Questions

We accept the following means of payment:  Paypal ,  Beatrice Ponce  Gift Certificates.

You will be charged a sales tax based on your shipping address. 

You will receive a confirmation that your order has been processed. We will ship your order when all data, including credit card information, has been approved. In order to process your order, the cardholder's name must match the name of the billing address, and the billing address must match that of the purchasing card. 

You may check the status of your order by logging onto "My Account" or   email us at

Price adjustments can be made if the original purchase is within 14 days of the item(s) going on sale. Please e-mail  at  

We process your return promptly upon receipt in our warehouse, however refunds generally appear on your credit card statement in one to two billing periods. Your refunds will be credited back to the same card used to make the original purchase. We will forward you a credit memo via mail. 

Please contact us with any questions you have by email at

Yes,  we use Paypal in order to insure security on your credit card information.

Items are charged to your card when we ship your order. If an item is on backorder, you will not be charged until it ships. All freight charges are pro-rated on the value of your shipment. 

To place an order offline, please e-mail at 

Yes, we can alter the length. If you would like an item altered e-mail at to arrange details. There will be additional charges for alterations. Please allow up to 6 additional weeks for delivery. 

Yes, we will repair merchandise. If you have a repair, please contact customer service at, to obtain instructions. 

Yes, you can ship an order to an address that differs from your billing address. If the order is a gift, please select that at checkout, and we will make sure the order is shipped with a gift receipt, which will not show the prices. We will email the full receipt directly to you. 

All items purchased in the month of December may be returned for a full refund on the next 30 days. 

All pieces should be stored in your Beatrice Ponce pouches. This will help prevent scratches on the stone and metal surfaces. Although some stones are more sensitive than others, it is best to keep all stones away from extreme heat and sudden changes in temperature. We recommend applying hair sprays and fragrances before putting on your jewelry, especially when wearing soft or porous stones. Always remove your jewelry before washing to prevent soap build up. It is beneficial to wear your jewelry often. The natural oils in your skin help to keep your stones and metals clean and conditioned. 

You can make your own cleaning solution using six parts warm water to one part ammonia. Dip your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry in the solution and scrub gently using a soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse in warm water and pat dry with a paper towel. Silver may require additional cleaning with the use of a tarnish removing polish. 

Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are considered hard stones. The cleaning solution described above would be a safe method of cleaning these gemstones. Also you may use the solution and instructions on amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, garnet, iolite, jade, moonstone, morganite, peridot, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline, and zircon. All the stones mentioned above may also be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner; however, we recommend using caution with beryl, garnet, iolite, peridot, spinel, topaz, and tourmalines. 

Apatite, emerald, and tanzanite are considered softer stones and should only be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. These stones, as well as coral, lapis opal, pearl, and turquoise, which are porous, should not come in contact with any acids, chemicals, or solvents. It is best to avoid contact with water for these more porous stones. Pearls are especially sensitive to such agents; even cosmetics can be harmful to the pearl's luster. We recommend having your pearls professionally cleaned and restrung on an annual basis. 

If you have a question that we didn't address, email us, and we will respond to you personally. 

We welcome feedback from you, our customers. If there are any questions we haven't answered, or information we haven't provided, we appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to contact us with any comments.